Terms And Conditions

Security Deposit

This is a Refundable security deposit of up to Rs 3000 will be charged. During limited-period offers, this amount might be lower. It will be refunded within 10 bank working days of booking's end time. After the trip ends you can check the refund processing stages in your account profile post verification of fastag charges and traffic violations. Please note traffic violations will be reflected in the government portal after 2 days of booking’s end time.

Pricing plans and extra Kms charges

Based on customer requirements we are providing multiple kilometer packages, each kilometer package in terms of kilometer limit. The total kilometres limit for your booking is determined by multiplying the duration of your booking with the hourly "Kilometres limit" of the pricing plan that you select. If extra more kilometres are driven than the total kilometres limit of your booking, the additional kms attract "extra kms charges", which vary by the car model and the city.

Fuel Reimbursement

Kindly note all our kilometer packages are without fuel, there will be sufficient fuel we request to return back the same fuel. In case of excess fuel returned Fuel bills need to be shown to our delivery executive at the time of return, kindly note we will NOT be able to reimburse fuel bills shared with us later.

The fuel expense needs to reconcile reasonably with the standard fuel efficiency of the car. For the purpose of this reconciliation and for the benefit of the Customer, we assume a lower mileage than what is defined by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).

The date on the fuel bill should fall within the booking period.

Hand-written fuel bills will be considered invalid.

Cancellation and Charges

Customers can cancel the booking subject to the following conditions and charges. A cancellation refund will be done through the original payment method within 10 working days.

Customer should inform 24 hours prior the booking start time, in such instances, 70% of the amount will be refunded, if failed to inform 24 hours prior the booking start time No-Refund will be done.


Rescheduling has to be informed 24 hours prior to the booking start time, in such instances the following shall be applied based on the car availability,

  • Please be informed that we will not be able to pre-pound the booking start time.
  • The duration should be the same or more.
  • The kilometer package cannot be changed.
  • Tariffs might differ based on the weekday and weekend charges. ​

Extension and Extra Hours

Customers should inform 24 hours prior the booking end time, in such instances the same shall be confirmed based on the car availability.

  • Extension duration should be at least for 6 hours.
  • Customers are eligible to avail 1 hour buffer time on every booking end time.
  • Post 1 hour buffer time, extra hour charges will be 250/hour.
  • Customer should share the complete video of the car.

Swapping Vehicle

Customers should inform 24 hours prior to the booking start time, in such instances, the same shall be applied based on car availability and the charges might differ depending on the car type.

Over speeding

Speed limit is from 80 to 110Kmph. In case if you exceed the speed limit you will be charged INR 1250/-.

Vehicle Damage

In case of Customer negligence like:

  • When the Customer is not in compliance with the laws and/or with terms of the Wowcarz Customer Agreement.
  • When the Customer is found to be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while driving.

Accident Policy

If the vehicle is damaged, Customer shall be responsible for all such loss and damages and shall pay to the Wowcarz for all loss of or damage to the car regardless of cause, or who, or what caused it.

In the event of accidents, customer liability will be limited to a maximum of Rs 30,000. The customer will need to pay damage fee equivalent to the repair cost (as estimated by an authorized dealership) and downtime losses (The customer should pay the rent for No of day’s vehicle and any charges should be paid by customer) this is independent of the nature and terms of the insurance cover that Wowcarz will have on the cars.

The maximum liability policy is intended to benefit and protect the responsible Customer.

In situations of irresponsible or unsafe or negligent usage, there could be discretionary exceptions to this policy, whereby the Customer could be liable for all damages irrespective of whether or not Wowcarz is able to claim insurance in such cases. Such situation includes, but is not limited to:

  • When the vehicle workshop and/or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature. Consequential damage occurs when the Customer continues driving the vehicle even when it is performing abnormally.
  • Beach /off road drive is prohibited for Wowcarz vehicle and customer will be liable to pay a compensation of Rs 8000/- in addition to other damages, if the vehicle is taken for beach/off road drive.
  • Wowcarz vehicles are restricted to use for the purposes that are forbidden & prohibited by the law; customer will be sole responsible & liable for all legal actions & consequences for such usage.
  • When the person driving the vehicle at the time of the incident is found to be different than the one who made the booking.
  • When the Customer is not in compliance with the laws and/or with terms of the Wowcarz Customer Agreement.
  • When the Customer is found to be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while Driving.
  • When the number of people in the car at the time of the incident exceed the standard seating capacity of the car.
  • When the incident happened in a state for which the Customer failed to pay the inter-state tax while entering the state.
  • When there is misrepresentation of information in the driving license and ID proof details shared by the Customer.
  • Where there is clear evidence of extremely rash and negligent driving on the Customer’s part.
  • When the Customer is in violation of traffic rules or of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Wowcarz conducts periodical checks on vehicle performance and ensures that hired vehicles are clean. Wowcarz expects its customers to help us maintain our standards of cleanliness. The Customer must ensure that the vehicle is not soiled while returning possession. Wowcarz shall charge the following damages and penalty shall deduct from the Security Deposit of the Customer.

  • Use of chewing gum, tobacco or any tobacco-based product inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Customers will be penalized accordingly.
  • Burning of any substance inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. This is not limited to but includes cigarettes, incense sticks or any form of medication/drugs.
  • Visible fabric stains internally.
  • Torn fabric inside vehicle.
  • In case if pets are allowed inside the vehicle.
  • Presence of sand, excessive mud inside the vehicle.
  • Wowcarz reserves the right to block, penalize, fine the Customer at our own discretion in event of non-compliance of the above.

Interstate Trip

Customers are responsible for paying all tolls & state permits. Wowcarz vehicle are registered with an all-India Permit, allowing the vehicle to enter any state of INDIA.

All Wowcarz vehicles contain Original Documents of RC Card, Insurance, All India Permit, Self-Drive License. Please stop the vehicle at the border RTO check post to obtain valid state permit by paying reveleant charges only for the state of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala Wowcarz will charge flat 400/- for existing vehicles which have the state entry permit. If a customer plans to go Andhra Pradesh/Kerala, then the customer should inform our customer care to allocate the vehicle which has a valid permit. In cases of non-available of existing AP/Kerala state entry permit vehicles, then Customer must pay the fee and obtain a 1-year state entry permit. Wowcarz will reimburse balance amount after deduction of INR 400/- (Flat charges on state entry permit)

Provided with original copy while ending the trip. Wowcarz will not reimburse quarterly entry of Kerala/Andhra Pradesh.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) FASTAG features are available in all the Wowcarz hassle free trip on national highway tolls, if the customer utilizes the Fastag features used in the trip duration respective amount shall be deducted from the security deposit based on the trips against your booking.

Towing Charges

User negligence/accident- Full cost should be paid by the customer. ​

Personal Belongings

Wowcarz is not responsible for any damage to, Loss or theft of any personal property belonging to user or co-passenger or third party regardless of fault or negligence.

How can we help you?


What do I need to rent a car??

To avail Wowcarz service you must be at least 21 years old, and your driving license for "Light Motor Vehicles" must be at least 1 year old (at the time of starting the trip). Driving license printed on A4 sheet of paper (original or otherwise), driving license on M-Parivaahan app and commercial driving licenses will not be accepted.

Can I book for any period of time??

The Minimum booking hours for weekdays is 18 hours, and on weekends it is 18 hours.

How much time will you take to refund the security deposit??

Security deposit will be refunded within 10 Bank working days.

Can I book an inter-state drop off??

No, we do not provide inter-state drop off.

Can I arrange for the car to be delivered to my home??

Yes, the vehicle will be dropped at your doorstep.

Can I make changes to my booking? ?

You can extend / modify the booking post confirmation from customer support.

Can anyone besides the reservation applicant pick up the car??

No, only the applicant on whose name the booking has been confirmed and verified, will be allowed to pick up the car.

Do I need to pay any amount to cross the border??

Yes. You have to pay the amount as per the applicable law of the state which you intend to cross/travel. Wowcarz will refund only if an annual permit is purchased. However, reimbursement will be done based on the usage.

How will I be charged, if I return the car late??

Charges will be based on the extra hours and extra kilometers.

Who will pay traffic violations? How will it be charged??

For such breaches, consumers have to compensate. This depends.

Who will pay for parking and tolls??

Parking and Tolls charges you are required to pay. No refund will be done for the same.

Where can I find the Car documents??

You can find the car documents in the dashboard.