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India has an extremely high potential of "On Demand" self-drive rental services and leasing. The revenue in car rental segment amounts to $1,172 million and expected to reach $1,552 million by 2025 and to contribute in this ongoing consumer demand Wowcarz is all set to launch their self-drive rental vehicles services soon in Delhi, Amritsar, Punjab.

As we know, people are more involved in the luxury lifestyle than in the past, everyone wants their own comfort and convenience especially when it comes to traveling.Wowcarz, India’s upcoming self-drive service is giving keys to unlock happiness as you drive away with your loved ones. We are going to save you from the hassle and cost of owning a car. Choose from a variety of car models, sports bikes and rent by the hour, day, week or month. We are also offering self-drive car rental services for independent travelers who want control, flexibility, and ease of travel. This could be a good idea because it gives you ease to stop at places of your interest. At our platform, you can choose a variety of economic cars,luxury cars, bikes as per your requirement.

Although, to make travelling more adventurous we are offering add-ons like Camping Kit,Camera Accessories,Trekking Accessories, cycles etc that you won’t forget while travelling to any destination and this can help you remember the adventure in style. Moreover, hiring a car is the best alternative for owning a car as you can take it anytime, anywhere and can enjoy the hassle-free trip with your friends & family. It also gives ease of travel, privacy, comfort and many more. So, whenever you find the roads calling, Wowcarz will always be near with 100+ pick-up locations.

Get ready to start your wonderful journey! We are here to fulfill your desire of driving a high-end car with its luxury self-drive car service in North India. You can choose amongst a famous segment of Audis, Mercedes or BMWs at any time to take it any corner of the dream city.


  • Benefits of Hiring Us

    Our vision is to simplified self-drive rentals so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

  • No Hidden Charges

    Our rentals include taxes and insurance. The amount you see on our website or mobile app is the only amount you pay.

  • Go Anywhere

    We give you the freedom to explore without worrying about extra per kilometer bills.

  • Damage Insurance

    All your self-drive car or bike rentals include damage insurance just drive safely.

  • Flexible Packages

    One package never fits all, so choose time and km that works best for you at our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to rent a car??

To avail Wowcarz service you must be at least 21 years old, and your driving license for "Light Motor Vehicles" must be at least 1 year old (at the time of starting the trip). Driving license printed on A4 sheet of paper (original or otherwise), driving license on M-Parivaahan app and commercial driving licenses will not be accepted.

Can I book for any period of time??

The Minimum booking hours for weekdays is 18 hours, and on weekends it is 18 hours.

How much time will you take to refund the security deposit??

Security deposit will be refunded within 10 Bank working days.

Can I book an inter-state drop off??

No, we do not provide inter-state drop off.

Can I arrange for the car to be delivered to my home??

Yes, the vehicle will be dropped at your doorstep.

Can I make changes to my booking? ?

You can extend / modify the booking post confirmation from customer support.

Can anyone besides the reservation applicant pick up the car??

No, only the applicant on whose name the booking has been confirmed and verified, will be allowed to pick up the car.

Do I need to pay any amount to cross the border??

Yes. You have to pay the amount as per the applicable law of the state which you intend to cross/travel. Wowcarz will refund only if an annual permit is purchased. However, reimbursement will be done based on the usage.

How will I be charged, if I return the car late??

Charges will be based on the extra hours and extra kilometers.

Who will pay traffic violations? How will it be charged??

For such breaches, consumers have to compensate. This depends.

Who will pay for parking and tolls??

Parking and Tolls charges you are required to pay. No refund will be done for the same.

Where can I find the Car documents??

You can find the car documents in the dashboard.