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Bangalore, the silicon valley of India is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia and the fifth largest city in India. The growth of the city is mainly factored by the numerous IT companies situated throughout the city. While tech giants such as Google, IBM and DELL take up the key shares in the market, almost every day a new startup joins the IT spectrum in the city, thus rightfully Bangalore is also called the IT hub as well as the startup hub of the country. The increasing number of tech based companies consequently increase the job opportunities in the city, thus drawing in a large number of the country’s population to Bangalore and making it the third most populous city across the country.

The city is also famous for its pleasant weather and climate making it one of the most desirable places to chill in. The year round cool and gratifying climate draws in visitors looking for a refreshing holiday. The lush greenery and the diverse flora and fauna across the city has earned Bangalore the name of the Garden city of India. Bangalore is also a major commercial hub and draws in people for its amazing and a large variety of items. From mouth watering street food to markets filled with electronic gadgets, the city certainly has a way to charm everyone who comes here.

Bangalore is also known for several historical sites which are located in and around the city. These places provide the city with an unique identity which sets it apart from all the other places. The vast magnitude of variations draws in tourists seeking adventure, peace and spirituality from all around the world.

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